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Everyone loves straighter teeth. Whether you are looking to build a confident smile or need help straightening your bit, clear aligners are a great option for most patients looking for an alternative to metal bracket braces.
There are a lot of reason why patients would like to have straighter teeth and make Smart Care Dental their choice for a dentist in Holladay UT. Whether you would like a clean bite to prevent uneven wear on your teeth, or any number of other reason, clear teeth aligners from Dr. Nielson Ashton are a great way to straight teeth without the bulky metal and exorbitant cost of traditional braces. Clear dental aligners are more an affordable and less invasive for patients near Salt Lake City, UT. You’ll find that clear aligners from Dr. Ashton work well as dentist teeth straighteners.

Clear teeth aligners offer an added level of convenience, because they can be removed for easier eating and brushing and flossing. However, because they can be removed, patients are more likely to misplace or break their aligners. Dr. Ashton understands this and can easily order dental aligner replacements in the Salt Lake Valley.

Smart Dental Care is your dentist office that offers affordable dental aligners near South Jordan, UT. Visit Dr. Ashton for a consultation to find out how he can help you get straighter teeth with clear teeth aligners without having to visit a traditional orthodontist.
When you visit Smart Dental Care, you’ll be sure to enjoy a comfortable experience with clear aligners.

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Before you’re given any of your clear aligners, Dr. Ashton will take a scan of your teeth to get a 3D image of the current position of your teeth. This image will be used to manufacture your custom aligners.
As you progress through your straightening plan, you’ll find the clear aligners straighten teeth by discreetly working similar to traditional braces and move your teeth into position to match the template of the aligner. When your teeth have moved into place and current aligner is exhausted, you’ll be given another to move your teeth to the next point in your plan. This will continue until you’ve reached the end goal. Once you have completed the plan with your aligners, you’ll be given a clear plastic retainer to help you keep your beautiful, new smile.

If you’re looking for a dentist who offers clear aligners to straighten teeth near Millcreek, UT, Dr. Ashton is the clear choice for you. With his advanced technology and knowledgeable team, you’ll enjoy affordable braces that will effectively straighten your teeth.

Call Smart Dental Care today at (801) 272-8609 or contact us online with our contact form to schedule an exam with Dr. Ashton. He’ll help you find if our clear dental braces are right for you. Our office is conveniently located at 2180 E. 4500 S., Ste. 250, Holladay, UT 84117.
Visit Smart Dental Care for excellent dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Want to straighten your teeth without braces? Dr. Nielson Ashton specializes in teeth veeners which give you straight teeth in one visit. Call our office to schedule a consultation and see if you're a candidate for dental veneers.