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At Smart Dental Care, we understand that your oral health can go a long way to either improve or damage your self-image and confidence. Your self-assurance and overall oral health don’t have to suffer because of missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Nielson Ashton offers quality dental implants to patents in the Holladay, UT area that can be used to replace missing or damaged teeth. The team at Smart Dental Care can help you restore your smile and dental health with the use of quality dental implants.

Dr. Ashton offers affordable dental implant surgery to patients in Salt Lake County. As a part of his process to put your dental implant in place, Dr. Ashton performs the surgery to insert the implant, then he will place the crown on the implant screen himself. This ensures that your dental implants will be placed with extreme care and the tremendous technical knowledge of the overall process.

After undergoing dental implant surgery with the expertise of Dr. Ashton and his staff, you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural looking teeth thanks to advanced dental implant technology near West Jordan, UT.
Smart Dental Care and Dr. Ashton is sure to be your best choice for dental implants in Holladay, UT. With his knowledge, expertise, and experience, Dr. Ashton offers quality and comfortable treatment with dental implant surgery.

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Dr. Ashton and the staff at Smart Dental Care are here to ensure that you receive the best dental implants to fit your needs near Salt Lake City, so he offers quality implants that will stand the test of time. Your teeth are sure to look and feel great for years to come with the use of durable dental implant material that includes porcelain and titanium.

It is of vital importance that you fully understand the process of placing new dental implants, because your best chance at regaining excellent oral health can be a long and arduous journey. Call or contact us online today with any questions or concerns you might have regarding dental implants. Our helpful team is standing by to help you schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Ashton at Smart Dental Care by calling us at (801) 272-8609. You’ll find our office at 2180 E. 4500 S. Ste 250, Holladay, UT 84117, conveniently located on the south side of E. 4500 S. and just west of S. 2300 E.

Dr. Ashton and his friendly team are eager to help you get back your confidence and improve your oral health with excellent dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment.