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You don’t have to go through invasive reconstruction surgeries or extensive whitening programs to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Nielson Ashton at Smart Dental Care offers veneers to patients in Holladay, UT who want to restore their confidence with a bright smile.
Porcelain veneers are an easy way to restore the white sheen of a clear smile. When you get veneers from Dr. Ashton, you’ll enjoy a lasting solution to beautiful teeth why filling unsightly gaps, adding length to worn teeth to complete a proper bite, covering teeth that have been permanently stained, or straightening slightly crooked teeth.

Teeth that have been cracked, worn, or damaged can be restored to their original shape, form, and function with cosmetic veneers. With durable and natural-looking porcelain veneers in Salt Lake County, Dr. Ashton and his team at Smart Dental Care will provide restorative care to patients who would like to maintain a healthy smile for years to come, even after years of wear and tear on their teeth.

How are porcelain veneers applied? Dr. Ashton will prepare the front surface of your tooth by removing a thin layer of the tooth in order to prevent the tooth from getting thicker. Next, he will use a bonding agent to apply the thin veneer covering to the original tooth. With Dr. Ashton’s dental veneers, you’ll have a natural-looking tooth that will function as normal.
Dr. Ashton and his team at Smart Dental Care serve dental patients from all parts of the Salt Lake Valley with reliable veneers.

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Like most things, someday down the road your veneers may break or crack. Be sure to see Dr. Ashton for dental veneers repair near Salt Lake City, UT. The team at Smart Dental Care will replace your damaged veneers with durable replacement that are designed to last for many years.
Dr. Ashton offers patients a simple alternative to restoring a beautiful smile over other more expensive options. Smart Dental Care is your top choice for veneers in Utah, because Dr. Ashton offers affordable options for his patients.

Fill out our online contact form or call Smart Dental Care at (801) 272-8609 to schedule a visit with Dr. Ashton. He’ll provide a thorough examination near Murray, UT to help you decide if veneers are right for you. You’ll find our office located at 2180 E. 4500 S., Ste 250, Holladay, UT 84117.
See yourself with new confidence when you have a beautiful new smile with affordable veneers in Utah. Dr. Ashton can help you on your way to a perfect smile with perfect teeth with excellent dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment.