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Just because you’re missing teeth doesn’t mean that you have to go through life feeling self-conscious about the way you smile, talk, or eat because of missing teeth. There are a lot of ways that your dentist can help you build your self-confidence, and dentures are a quick way to do just that. Ask the team at Smart Dental Care about our options for dentures in Salt Lake County.

Dr. Nielson Ashton and his team offer dentures to patients looking to fill in unsightly gaps or completely replace the teeth in your entire mouth. With dentures, you’ll enjoy full-functioning and natural-looking teeth. At Smart Dental Care, we can help fit you to full dentures in Holladay, UT that are designed to completely replace the teeth in your mouth with durable synthetic teeth.

Even if you still have some of your original teeth, Dr. Ashton can help fit you for partial dentures that can fill the gaps created by missing teeth. While they are removable, your set of dentures look and function exactly like the real teeth, so there’s no need to change your change. In fact, you can likely broaden your diet from what you were eating before.

If you think affordable dentures in Salt Lake City, UT are right for you, contact our team today for a consultation.

Affordable Dentures in Salt Lake City

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Replacing teeth can be expensive and invasive, but Smart Dental Care offers patients options for affordable dentures in Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Ashton understands that oral hygiene and dental care are important to maintain other aspects of your overall health. With a new set of removable dentures, you can improve your diet and state of health by enjoying a set of teeth that function normally. Whether by accident, old age, or any other condition, Dr. Ashton and his team can replace your missing teeth with a set of dentures near Sandy, UT.

Dr. Ashton will help you get on the road to a new set of teeth by walking you through the process of getting a new set of dentures. In order to get started, Dr. Ashton will take an impression of your mouth to help fit the base to your gums. He’ll then assess your jaw to understand how it fits together with your bite to prevent discomfort or misalignment. After the assessment and fitting, the team at Smart Dental Care will present you with your new dentures.

Contact us online or give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ashton and his team. You’ll find our office located at 2180 E. 4500 S., Ste. 250, Holladay, UT 84117.
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