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While occasionally grinding teeth at night may not cause long-term effects to your teeth or jaw, regular teeth grinding can wear them down and cause tremendous damage to your teeth and excruciating pain in your jaw. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to combat and help prevent patients with their problem of grinding teeth in sleep. At Smart Dental Care, Dr. Nielson Ashton can offer solutions in Holladay, UT to help prevent patients from grinding their teeth and causing further health problems.

Untreated nighttime teeth grinding can lead to a number of conditions in patients that include worn down teeth, persistent headaches, earaches, facial pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, jaw pain and stiffness, poor sleep for your partner, and more. While there is no direct cause for grinding teeth at night, there are ways to treat it to prevent or reduce the severity of the effects that come along with it. Dental night mouth guards are an excellent choice and can be used to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) and TMJ. Dr. Ashton will help patients in Salt Lake County by fitting them for a personal mouth guard to help keep them from grinding their teeth and clenching their jaw while they sleep.

Dr. Ashton offers effective and non-invasive methods to prevent grinding teeth and TMJ treatment with affordable dental night mouth guards near Sugar House, UT.

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If you or your sleeping partner live near Salt Lake City, UT and are having trouble with grinding teeth while sleeping, visit Smart Dental Care and let Dr. Ashton help to solve the problem. He can prescribe nighttime teeth grinding solutions to keep you from developing worse conditions or even cracking your teeth. A bruxism mouth guard could be just what you’re looking for to solve your problem of grinding teeth while sleeping. Patients in the South Jordan, UT area have found that sleep mouth guards from Dr. Ashton are an excellent way to keep their teeth from getting worn and their jaw from developing chronic pain issues.

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